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Do I have to have a website to join your partner program?

You are not required to have a website. If you do not have a website, use the program for Internet Users.

Do I have to operate a company to join the partner program?

Own business is not required.

How can I become an affiliate?

All you need to do to become our affiliate is to sign up for our program through the partner registration form available at: No, you don’t. Registration in our program is free of charge.

How can I log in to the partner’s account?

The log-in panel is accessible at the url address: . Write your e-mail address as the user’s name. The password is the string that you entered at the registration stage.

How can I pay out the funds?

Response depends on the implementation of the payment system.

How long does it take to activate a partner’s account?

The activation of an account usually takes up to 48 hours and is effected only on working days.

How long is the account in the partner program valid?

The account is valid as long as the partner generates commissions there. If no commission is generated for the period of 12 months, the account may be blocked or removed.

How quickly upon the submission of the request to pay out the funds are they disbursed?

The disbursement of funds is effected immediately upon the acceptance of the request for processing by our payment system and its approval on the first working day. Waiting time may also depend on the operation processing time of your bank.

How will I know how much I have earned in the partner program?

Our system credits all commissions due to your account, which is accessible after logging in to the affiliate's panel. In the tag Reports, Quick Statistics, you can see all commissions concerned and their status.

In what currency can I pay out the funds?

Funds are paid out in euro.

Is the Affiliation-Partner program easy to operate?

Yes, it is. Our program offers simple and clear principles of commission payment. Additionally, due to the fact that our network operates directly on behalf of the advertiser, all settlements are effected very quickly. How will the affiliation system credit the advertisement that I promote to my account? Our system assigns a unique url address of a banner or text link to each partner. If a user visits a selected reference, depending on the manner of settling the campaign, it will be credited to the account of our partner.

What characterizes the program for Internet Users?

The program is intended for all our partners, both Publishers and common Internet Users. The major advantage of the program for Internet Users is that you do not need to have your own website. All you need to do to promote advertised offers is to effectively navigate around the popular cyberspace, download an advertisement in the form of a link and post it on the Internet.

What characterizes the program for Publishers?

The program for Publishers is addressed to partners who have their own websites. Each publisher may post advertisements on their websites. We offer an unrivalled, perpetual commission (without term limits) and individual plans of promotional campaigns to the owners of their own websites.

What characterizes the program of Alternative Campaigns?

If you can advertise our offer so that it reaches many Internet users in a manner which is only known to you and, at the same time, you will achieve satisfactory effects, Alternative Campaign is perfect for you. An example of an alternative campaign may be an offline campaign where you promote our offer by issuing tickets with a promotional code. If you find a different fashion to promote our offer, we are looking forward to your proposals. What distinguishes the program of compared to other programs?The affiliation-partner.comprogram offers more earning benefits for its partners since our network operates on behalf of one advertiser, who is also the owner of the affiliation network, which contributes to the fact that our conditions are unrivalled. In addition, we offer a perpetual commission.

When can I pay out the commission?

The commission may be paid out when your account is credited with the minimum amount of EUR 50.

Where can I advertise and to whom should I address the commercial offer from the network?

Promotion of advertisements from the network should be addressed to users in the countries where the presentation of our offer is not prohibited by the provisions of the local legislation of a given country. The offer should be also addressed to adult users, in accordance with the definition of the provisions of the legislation in the country where the offer is promoted.

Which conditions do I have to meet to join the partner program?

You have to be an adult to join our program. You have to have a bank account to which we will transfer your commission.